These memories of you are drown in autumn waters
When Technicolor of the spring is not invented yet
the bare branches
of bygones
With no ramifications
You are
Or should i say you were

The ice embraces the spring in armor of the numbness
Air cold and clear condense the whizz of ravens acute wings
The crave, the longing
And since you’ve gone
the neve’s
The only thing that left

Не очень если честно понимаю зачем я ввязалась в необходимость все зарифмовать ну да ладно


Every time i had my eyes forcefully opened
I’m stunned and frozen stand in the face of this burning knowledge
Not fleeting

So, as they say, i need to perform
A SWOT analysis, like, you know who am i
An why am i so weak or powerful and where am i to go
and all that weird stuff

I had to stand my own zero ground
The desert, where everything is burned and weathered
under the cruel white silent sun
Crashing my carcass down by its light
Until i turn to ashes completely


I want you to
My skin against yours
My body
My powers
I want you to
you almost killed me
I want you to feel me
my steady state
changing following
your touch
I want you to dive with me
into the ruby darkness of my bloodflow
isn’t it
what we covet:
to be dissolved completely.